Aclas FC4 Control Unit


Aclas FC4 Control Unit

Aclas FC4 Control Unit is a KRA Tims Compliant control unit that is capable of working as a fiscal printer and as an ESD Machine. This dual capability makes it the go to fiscal device in Kenya for both small scale retailers and large enterprises.

Hivebridge Aclas FC4 Control Unit has built in WIFI, 3g, 4g and ethernet capabilities making connection to the KRA TIMs server easy and seamless.

What is the TIMS System?

Tims stands for tax invoice management system.

TIMS is an enhancement of the current ETR regime that was rolled out in 2005. It aims at plugging loopholes resulting from weaknesses in this regime through: –

  • Integration with trader systems, i.e.,ETRs, ERPs & Point of Sale (POS) systems.
  • Standardization and authentication oftax invoices issued by VAT traders andtransmission to KRA on a real time or nearreal time basis.
  • Seamless integration with iTax.
  • A module for storage of tax invoice
  • Verification of the validity of a taxinvoice by officers, traders and the generalpublic through the Invoice QR Code or TaxInvoice Checker on the iTax portal

TIMS objective is to increase VAT compliance, minimize on VAT fraud and increase tax revenue.

This will be achieved through:

  • Real time validation of invoices at the trader tillsprior to issuance to the customer and transmissionto KRA
  • Improving accuracy in automated VAT datamanagement (to address invoice discrepancies)
  • Minimizing VAT fraud through verification of invoice data
  • Standardization of tax invoices and receipts
  • Simplified return filing – pre filled VAT return

Aclas Control Unit is Tims Compliant.

Aclas FC4 Control Unit


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