Datamega Fis-Nano Etr Machine

Datamega fis nano

Datamega Fis-NANO is the next generation TIMS Ready Etr Machine with intelligent Android operatingng system, full touch screen, and a smart portable design. It’s huge crystal-clear touch screen replaces the old traditional keyboard etr machines so as to provide users visual, simple, convenient and smart business management interface.

It can be used to assist customers manage sales operation and fiscal tax management on small retail shops, coffees, groceries, etc.

Intelligent Android operation system

Datamega Fis-NANO uses the latest Android OS 7.1 operation system that makes it a secured and powerful terminal not only as an Electronic Tax Register but also as a Value-added extension The terminal ensures the smooth running of the APP For quick sales processing.


• Quad-core CPU, 1G RAM / 8G ROM.
• 5-inch touch screen for easy reading and feedback.
• Big internal memory to keep the sales data for 5 years.
• Embedded camera for easy barcode and QR code scanning in sales and easy return.
• 2500mAH battery can support continuous use for Up to 24 hours.
• Communication with the KRA server is possible via WIFI/2G/3G/4G channels.
• 2 SIM card design can be shifted by the user to Guarantee the real-time invoice sending.

SMALL SIZE with big paper roll and a fast printer

58mm width printer support 50 diameter paper roll / Fast printing speed of 60mm/s

Datamega Fis-Nano is very smart with small size but in order to meet the requirements of small stores, it is designed with big paper roll with 50mm diameter to avoid frequent paper replacement, improving working efficiency of the cashiers and reducing the costs. The printing speed of datamega Fis-NANO is up to 60mm / s, which greatly reduce consumer queuing time during check out.



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