The New Aclas Crv3x Etr Machine

With the new TIMS System in place in Kenya, Aclas has developed this new generation Etr machine to automatically transmit data to the KRA servers. Aclas Crv3x is highly encrypted to make sure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Data storage and transfer is subjected to the same level of encryption used by banks.

The new crv3x Etr machine is extremely easy to use just like its predecessor and produces the etr receipt in simple steps.

At Hivebridge, we make the process of getting your new aclas crv3x etr simple and seamless.  As long as you have all the required documents with you such as your kra pin certificate with vat obligations and certificate of incorporation, issuance of this device takes only a few hours.


  • Print speed up to 150mm/s, which is the first of portable ECR in the world.
  • Super tiny, unique front paper-out design.
  • Power saving, automating into sleep power saving mode when idles.
  • Long battery life (work for 8H-15H or print 1500 receipts continuously), perfect for portable ETR.
  • Support updating program or transferring data by network, U disk or GPRS without opening the machine cover. The performance can be kept pace with the times.
  • Wonderful touch button experience.


Model Name Model name CRV3x
Printer Head Printer head 1*57mm thermal printer
Printer speed max. 150mm/second
Power Power supply DC14V 2.5A
Rechargable battery 7.4V 3AH battery
Keyboard Keyboard Type silicon keys
key no. 30
Display Operator-Display 65*132 LCD
Customer -Disaply 14 digits Alphanumeric LCD
Communication Ports CRVXE:1*RS232+1*Drawer+1*Ethernet;
Communication module Inbuilt GRPS(Optional),Inbuilt 4G(Optional),
Inbuilt WIFI(Optional).
Weight 675g


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