Get the new upgraded Mercury etr machine which is TIMS Compliant. We fiscalize this ETR machine with your company details at no extra cost.

What is an etr machine?

An Electronic Tax Register (ETR) is a type of cash register used to record sales and provide ETR receipt Kenya to customers. The registers also issue daily sales reports and stores information on stocks and sales. ETRs are built with Fiscal Memory, a unique type of read only memory (ROM). It stores tax-related information created each time a service or product is sold.

Although ETR machines can be added to networks, they can also be operated as standalone devices. An ETR machine is built with various security attributes, including memory, seal, unique technical specifications and serial numbers, among others.

Unlike Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), ETR machines are falsification-proof and thus they come highly recommended in Kenya. They feature tax memory that’s built to store information related to tax. The programmable read only memory (PROM or EPROM) can store up to 1800 days of transactions or a minimum of 5 years-worth of transactions.

The machines produce easily-identifiable fiscal receipts to support the generation of fiscal summary on a daily basis. It also comes in handy during tax-compliance inspections

Mercury etr machine User Manual

Making a VAT Sale

  • Switch on the Mercury 130W machine, it will display 1_ _ _
  • Press Total button, it will display 0.00
  • Enter Total Amount  – inclusive of VAT cost, you can cancel the sale transaction now BEFORE the next step
  • Press 1. for VAT Inclusive (16 %)
  • Press 2. for Non VATABLE (0%)
  • Finish by pressing Total
  • Press sh then qty for receipt copy

Incase the ETR machine displays error 38, do a z-report 1st or displays error 3, check whether you are in the correct mode. Press Cancel to clear the error.

Making Daily Z Report

  • Switch on the Mercury 130W machine, Press VD Mode button till it displays 3_ _ _
  • Press Total it will display 0
  • Press Total – Again it will display [00
  • Press ⎵00 button

Making Monthly Z Report

  • Switch on the Mercury 130W machine, Press VD Mode button till it displays 3_ _ _
  • Press total displays F 0
  • Press 11 STL displays d-b(n 0
  • Put start date i.e. ddmmyy
  • Press QTY displays d-End 0
  • Put end date i.e ddmmyy
  • Finish by pressing VD MODE



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