Epson L3060 is ideal for home and small businesses that print lots of papers. This printer provides ultra-low-cost printing, and it is quick to set up. The cartridge-free Eco Tank is a multifunction printer that comes with up to two years’ worth of ink. As such, it can reduce your printing cost by up to 90%. Epson included its Micro Piezo printing head to the L3060 to increase its reliability and durability. Boost your printing experience at a low cost using this printer.

EPSON L3060 Colored Printer benefits


With two years’ worth of ink, you will save a lot of printing costs. The printer has high-yield ink bottles that can produce up to 13,000 monochrome pages and 6,500 color pages. The printing speed is also impressive. This printer can print at a rate of 33 pages/min for monochrome (plain paper 75 g/m2), 15 pages/min color (plain paper 75 g/m2), and 69 seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo (Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper). With the Epson L3060, you do not have to worry about running out of ink. The printer comes with an ultra-high-capacity ink tank system, which eliminates the need for cartridges.


In its previous models, Epson included bulgy ink tanks like add-ons. However, the L3060 has an integrated ink tank making the printer seamless.

EPSON ECOTANK L3060 integrated ink tank

The L3060 will not occupy much of your desk space, and its compact nature makes it easy to set up. This printer has a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct, which allows you to print documents right from your smart device through the free Epson iPrint app. The print can also print files from anywhere in the world through Epson Email Print.


Epson L3060 comes with a one year warranty or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first. As such, you do not have to worry about any maintenance. This will also allow you to maximize the value of your printer. Epson also designed the L3060 model to provide long-term printing services. The Micro Piezo technology and genuine Epson ink also produce high-quality prints.

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